Olamanagement consultant is a Canadian consultant firm specialized in construction
related matters.

We are registered in London, Ontario and are in business in Canada since  2006.

We provide our services to municipalities, government authorities, design consultants,
contractors, land developers, home owners, etc.

What We Do

Ola management consultant is specialized in handling construction related
issues such as
Management and control of construction projects
Claims "Preparation, analysis and advice"
Quantity Surveying " preparation, checking and verifying"
Planning and scheduling
Estimation and pricing of construction projects

We believe that our services shall:
  • Be of high quality
  • Serve our clients interests
  • be produced in time

Our team work approach is the secret of our success

Our clients are the parties related to the construction industry such as municipalities, governmental bodies, home owners, contractors, design and supervision consultants

We utilize expertise in Canada as well as highly qualified resources

We work also in association with other Canadian and international consultants and
exchange services and experience

We are based in London On, Canada and our customers can contact us through the web
site,  via email or directly calling us